Reservation and Search
By number of days before or do I book? Is it all right that day?
Individual bookings only optional tours are also available. Airline tickets and tours can be booked in the arrangements already in other companies.
Is there a maximum number of participants when booking a tour?
The maximum is 9 people but this does vary from tour to tour. Please consult the individual tour to view the minimum and maximum participants.
(Hotel) is not fixed local accommodation, but can I make a reservation?
Your reservation is possible, but you are required to add the hotel name to your booking as soon as the accommodation is confirmed. If you are registered for a tour pickup then you must add the hotel to your booking as soon as possible or you may not be collected on the tour day.
Do I have to book from a specific country?
Provided that you have internet access, bookings can be placed from anywhere. You will receive a booking confirmation email so it is important that you maintain access to your email account.
The booking minimum says 2 people but I wish to travel alone, is this possible?
The minimum number of travelers for bookings is 2 people, however some tours do offer special prices for travelers who wish to book alone.