Whitehaven Beach

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Dream Tour date:6.2013(MM.YYYY)

It is a tour to remember a lifetime.

Reviewed by happy girl , 21.Oct.2013

I went to Hamilton Island on my honeymoon. Beauty of the Great Barrier Reef is stuck in my head now. I can not describe the beauty of the heart leaf. Memorable time on the Dream Tour, not regrettable this price.

Whiteheaven Cruise Half Day (AM) date:1.2012(MM.YYYY)

Quite reasonable!

Reviewed by HY , 21.Oct.2013

Whitehaven Beach is nothing but beautiful silica sand, is healed in the ocean. I think it is good and bring a book. Also, sunscreen is a necessity. If you want to see the tropical fish, I think going to the Great Barrier Reef another day would have been good.